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EFD Installation of Officers


By Jeanne M. Brown

On Saturday, Dec. 10, the Ellicottville Fire Department (E.F.D.) held their annual installation banquet. The officers are as follows: President – Jack Rogan, First VP – John Golley, Second VP – Wade Barrett, Secretary- Debbie Golley, Treasurer – Jim Golley, Sgt. At Arms – Shane Carlson, Fire Chief- Edwin Fredrickson, First Asst. Chief – Rob Germain, Second Asst. Chief – Jim Golley, Third Asst. Chief – Dan Kruszynski, Fire Captain- Rick Jackson, First Asst. Fire Captain – John Golley, Second Asst. Fire Captain – Glenda Jackson, Director 3 years – Jim Golley, Quarter Masters – Kris Germain and Glenda Jackson,  Convention Delegate – John Cady. The officers were sworn into office by Mike Guercio.

Recognition of Service: 5 years – Brian Fuller, Thomas Lamphier, Mark Reinhard and Brandon Smith, 10 years – Shane Carlson,  50 years – Gene Raecher and Richard Bowen

Outstanding fireman award for 2016 went to our whole company. We have had a difficult year, but with our troubles behind us, we have rallied together as a family.

New this year is the Explorer Group for future firemen and women between the ages of 13 and 16. This group was formed by Debbie Golley and Rob Germain. We had our first Explorer “age out” this year, so we are proud to have Zachary Golley as a regular member of our fire department.

The EFD is accepting applications for new regular members and also members between 13 and 16 who would be interested in our Explorer Group. Our monthly meetings are held the first Monday of every month at 7:30 p.m.

EFD answered a total of 149 calls this year. We have a new truck on the assembly line that should be delivered next June.

The Ellicottville/Great Valley Ambulance Service responded to 335 patients: 173 were in the village, 68 in Great Valley, 52 at Holiday Valley, 14 at Holimont, 28 Mutual Aid, and 16 were Mercy Flights.

  Our top 10 responders for 2016 were; Scott Cant, John Burrell, Bob Adams, Kelly Hesse, Rob Snider, John Kinder, Taylor Grinols, Dan Kruszynski, Rick Jackson, Anne Adams and Mark Reinhard.

Jim Golley made special mention of what a great job Rob Germain did as our interim Fire Chief.  We all gave Rob a standing ovation as agreement with Jim’s comments.

Ellicottville Fire Company would like to thank the following businesses who contributed to our Insatallation Banquet by donating some wonderful door prizes:

Holiday Valley, HoliMont, Fitzpatrick & Weller Inc., Olean Medical Group, The City Garage, The Gin Mill, Dekdebruns, Tim & Bonnie’s, Johnny the Barber, Ellicottville Pharmacy, Alexandra, Touch of Ellicottville, The Boardroom, M&T Bank, AmeriCan, Slopeside BBQ, Balloons, Weed Ross Agency, Evl Ink, Gado Gado, Dom’s Butcher Block, Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce, Ellicottville Dental Group, Dina’s, Ellicottville Brewing Co., The Bird Walk, The Jefferson Inn, Ellicottville Quilt Shop, Ellicottville Salt Cave.

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