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CA BOCES Career and Technical Education Center in Ellicottville announces grads and award winners

Diplomas were given out June 21 in Salamanca for graduates of CA BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Ellicottville.

The following candidates for graduation have met the requirements set forth by the Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES Board of Education and the New York State Department of Education:

Animal Science – Angalina Baldwin, Franklinville; Faith Duckwall, Randolph; Brianna France, Pioneer; Kaleb France, Pioneer; Daniel Gann III, Franklinville; Skyler Greene, Pioneer; Tiffany Hoch, Randolph; Shyann Kelley, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Dyllan Kennedy, Salamanca; David Lewis, Franklinville; Brianna Nuttall, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Caleb Reed, Salamanca; Daniel Standish, Franklinville; Hannah Stechenfinger, Salamanca; Logan Tabak, Big Picture/Ellicottville; Elizabeth Teeft, Big Picture/Ellicottville; Sierra Wilber, Ellicottville.

Automotive Technology – Daniel Bigham, Pioneer; Shawn Fitzgerald, Pioneer; Dylan Jimerson, Salamanca; Isaac Keyes, Randolph; Kyle Kornacki, West Valley; Cammie Mayes, Franklinville; Tyler Oakes, Franklinville; Jacob Perkins, Ellicottville; Owen Reed, Salamanca; Michael Roblee, Pioneer; Lucas Wesley, Franklinville.

Carpentry and Construction Trades – Caleb Bentson, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Hunter Bishop, Ellicottville; Brandon Blackmon, West Valley; Grant Cowles, Allegany/Limestone; Derrius Dowdy, Salamanca; Gage Farrington, Franklinville; Jeremiah Foster, Salamanca; Logan Green, Allegany/Limestone; Blake Kerlin, Pioneer; Daniel Learn, Salamanca; Tyler Reynolds, Cattaraugus/Little Valley.

Collision Repair Technology – Skyler Bryant, West Valley; Tyler Drewiega, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Nicholas Greene, Salamanca; Elijah Little, Big Picture/Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Damion Ly, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Scott McBurney, West Valley; Devin Metcalf, Franklinville; Michael Perkins, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Chase Pritchard, Springville G.I.; Brandon Tackentien, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; James Weaver Jr, Salamanca; Jacob Wig, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Tyler Wilber, Franklinville.

Cosmetology – Skylar Bennett, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Hannah Cassoni, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; CeeJay Dean, Pioneer; Jaclyn Freundschuh, Ellicottville; Trinity Haynes, Pioneer; Hailey Jacobson, Salamanca; Kathleen Jennings, Franklinville; Zoie Jones, Pioneer; Sadie Martin, Pioneer; Tiffany Phillips, Pioneer; Sarah Taft, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Grace Young, Ellicottville.

Criminal Justice – Aliyah Bissonnette, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Seth Bocharski, Salamanca; Marshall Feltz, Pioneer; Jason Fisher, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Cecil Johns, Salamanca; Nathan Kencel, Pioneer; Kara Kraft, Franklinville; Jeffrey LaScala Jr., Pioneer; Tiger London, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Nikolas Milks, Salamanca; Adam Moran, Pioneer; Jason Oberer, Ellicottville; Lucas Reed, Randolph; Lillian Shanley, West Valley; Cassandra Thompson, Pioneer.

Culinary Arts – Miranda Jordan, Pioneer; Reno Kelley, Adult; Taylor Lavelle, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Katelyn Neamon, Pioneer; Seth Peterson, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; John Quigley, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Carl Sanchez, Pioneer; Becca Smith, West Valley.

Early Childhood and Human Services – Autumn Dash, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Hannah Delity, Ellicottville; Shae Johnson, Franklinville; Jenna Langley, Pioneer; Keisha Sherr, Salamanca; Kaejynn Wagner, Pioneer; Kaylee Zeth, Randolph.

Early Entry CTE – Cheyenne Kendall, Pioneer.

Heavy Equipment Operations – Tra’ Bargy, Randolph; Michael Boberg, West Valley; Daylon Booth, Randolph; Andrew Colburn, Salamanca; Justin Degenfelder, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Jessica Fox, Springville G.I.; Adam Gassman, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Gavin Gebauer, Big Picture/Ellicottville; Mitchell Gregory, Salamanca; Austin Hall, West Valley; Nicholas Husted, Pioneer; Cody Hyman, Franklinville; Samuel Klahn, West Valley; Dawson Parker, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Camryn Phinney, West Valley; Spencer Sample, Randolph; Travis Wright, Randolph.

Media Communications – Dylan Bissonnette, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Michael Briggs, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Haili Fox, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Haley Hartson, Randolph; Benjamin Kilbury, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Reda Lilley, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Sierra Mazurczyk, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Nathan McManus, Franklinville; Marshall Patterson, Big Picture/Salamanca; Seth Pfeiffer, Franklinville; Jaeden Raczka, Franklinville; Connor Reed, Salamanca; Jacob Summers, Ellicottville; Jammes Swan, Randolph; Kayla Wingate, Pioneer.

Medical Assisting – Brook Brzezicki, Pioneer; Madison Callahan, Randolph; Madison Harvery, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Rayona Jimerson, Salamanca; Emily Lindquist, Randolph; Jason Miller, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Delaney Neuman, West Valley; Ronni Oakes, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Mackenzie Ryan, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Lauren Stoltz, Salamanca; Kyla Wainwright, Pioneer.

Natural Resources – Dallas Cumbie, Big Picture/Randolph; Nathan Cycon, Pioneer; Garon Domes, Springville G.I.; Brian Hill, Salamanca; Ryan Johnson, Springville G.I.; Izaak Kettle, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; William Meyer, Salamanca; Corey Vaughn, Salamanca.

Power Equipment Technology – Hunter Andrews, Randolph; Steven Burrows, Randolph; John Conner, Springville G.I.; Tallon Delahoy, Randolph; Travis Dusterhus, West Valley; Edmond Fontaine, Pioneer; Griffin Haley, Ellicottville; Christopher Ives, Ellicottville; Jason Kibler, Pioneer; Aurther Kidd, Franklinville; Dylon Newland, Pioneer; Brian Reed, West Valley; Collin Rounsville, Allegany/Limestone; Steven Rowland Jr, Ellicottville; Wayne Smith III, Springville G.I.; Timothy Venturin, Ellicottville; Logan Williams, Pioneer; Brian Wittmeyer, Pioneer; Skyler Wright, Randolph.

Welding Metal Fabrication – Austin Anderson, Pioneer; Isaiah Booth, Pioneer; Rhett Bunch, Springville G.I.; Kaitlyn Carr, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Brandon Davis, Pioneer; Jacob Harris, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Andrew Kahm, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Evan Liskow, Randolph; Austin Lux, Springville G.I.; Charles Madison, Randolph; Jason Maul, Pioneer; Maxwel Mutton, Springville G.I.; Theron Nelson, Franklinville; Kalib Pierce, Ellicottville; Frank Ras Jr., Pioneer; Marcus Seamon, Franklinville; William Snyder IV, Springville G.I.; Bryce Taylor, Salamanca; Dakota Weller, Franklinville.

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