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The Future of the County’s Natural Resources

The Future of the County’s Natural Resources by Jeff Cole Cattaraugus County possesses an abundance of natural resources from watersheds to farmland to forests to natural gas and oil. That is why the county is attempting to determine the best way to utilize, as well as protect, these resources for generations to come. It sought feedback from the public on ... Read More »

Strength Training

  Who says you need to lift weights to stay young and vibrant? What’s so special about muscle mass anyway? What’s wrong with growing old gracefully! You decide … as we age, we lose muscle mass and the percentage of loss increases with each decade that passes. By the age of 60, the average person will have forfeited one-third of ... Read More »

A Story from a Tractor Supply Junky

The Stuff We Need Out There By Susan Whistler   As the debate over healthcare heats up and the general direction of our country seems to be in question regarding our Constitution, I thought you might appreciate a recent encounter I had as I went about my usual day here in the ski country of western New York. This is ... Read More »

MASTER YOUR GARDEN – April 27,2012 Edition

by Barbara Kozlowski, Master Gardener Mother Nature sure knows how to a monkey wrench into the works!  12 + inches of heavy, wet snow.  My birds are very happy I filled their feeders before the snow hit.  Hopefully the robins and bluebirds that are making their home at my home found nourishment.  There may have been enough to sustain them ... Read More »

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