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Frederickson Welcomed by Village Board


By Jennie Acklin Frederickson Appointed as Code Enforcement Officer Kelly Frederickson (pictured) was appointed as the new Code Enforcement Officer effective Sept. 1. Duties will also include building inspector responsibilities.  Effective Aug. 31, 2017, current Code Enforcement Officer Tom Abriatis is retiring from his part-time position (with the village and the town). Abriatis has held the position since December 2000. ... Read More »

Four Projects Approved in the Village

Four Projects Approved in the Village By Caitlin Croft The August 2017 meeting of The Village Planning Board (VPB) opened with four Public Hearings and made decisions on three. The first is regarding PB-2017-07, a Home Occupation at 54 Mill Street, a beauty salon in the basement of the home. This is an allowable use in the village with a ... Read More »

Broadband, Shared Services Discussed by Town Board


By Jennifer Weber The Town of Ellicottville Board met on Wednesday, July 19 at 6 p.m., with Supervisor Matthew McAndrew opening a public hearing for Local Law No. 1 “A Local Law to Override the Tax Levy for Fiscal Year 2018.” This law will allow for the formality of the Town of Ellicottville to go over the tax levy, if ... Read More »

Town Planning Board Discusses New Apartments

By Caitlin Croft During the regularly scheduled meeting of the Town of Ellicottville Planning Board (TPB), the Public Hearing for PB-2017-01 Greystone Apartments was held. The project located, on NYS 242 E, is up for Site Plan Review including a landscape plan, Master Plan Development and Special Use Permit.  The proprietor of this project, Phil Vogt, plans to build apartments ... Read More »

Public Hearing for Greystone Apartments Set

By Caitlin Croft During the regularly scheduled meeting of the Town of Ellicottville Planning Board, the project located on NYS 242 E was discussed. The proprietor of this project, Phil Vogt, plans to build apartments behind the Greystone Townhouses. This is a High-Density District; therefore, Vogt must apply for a Special Use Permit, Master Plan Development and Site Plan Review, ... Read More »

Plans for 23 Washington Street Modified and Get Planning Board Approval

By Caitlin Croft The project that has caused much controversy at 23 Washington Street, PB-2017-02 has modified its plans and addressed all concerns brought up by the public in the March 2017 Public Hearing. Previously proposed was a 480-sq. ft. three-story addition to the rear of the building that was to include an elevator and stairwell. The rear existing portion ... Read More »

Proposed Code of Ethics Stirs up Village Board


By Caitlin Croft This month’s regularly scheduled Village Board meeting opened with a Public Hearing on the new proposed Code of Ethics (CoE). This proposed CoE is almost identical to the one adopted by the Town of Ellicottville back in 2012. New York State mandated that all municipalities adopt a CoE, yet the Village has failed to comply. Before the ... Read More »

Cattaraugus County Economic Development Resources Event

The various Economic Development Resources in Cattaraugus County are hosting an Open House and Informational Session for current business owners as well as those that may be interested in starting a business in Cattaraugus County! You will be able to hear about the various services and programs offered by the Cattaraugus County Industrial Development Agency (IDA), Procurement Technical Assistance Center ... Read More »

Residents Support WMA


By Jann Wiswall A dozen or more town and village residents attended the Town of Ellicottville board meeting on Wednesday, May 17 to express support for the NY Department of Conservation’s interest in purchasing a large land parcel in Ellicottville and Mansfield for designation as a Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The 996-acre property, about a third of which lies in ... Read More »

East Otto April Board Meeting Minutes

The April meeting of the East Otto Town Board was called to order at 6:00 PM by Deputy Supervisor Dave Forster on Tuesday April 11, 2017. Christopher Cantola from Mobilitie spoke regarding placing a 120’ steel pole in the right away on Plato Road. There were many questions and discussions from the town board and the public regarding the pole. ... Read More »

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