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Pumpkin Mania!

connecticut field

By Mary Heyl Of all the foods associated with the different seasons, there’s nothing quite like pumpkins to get everyone excited about fall! Walk down any grocery aisle, and you’ll be surrounded by all kinds of pumpkin goodies: pumpkin spice cereal, pumpkin pie flavored yogurt, pumpkin bread mixes, even pumpkin beer. Grocery marketing schemes aside, there’s a lot to love ... Read More »

Village Receives Grant, New ATMs Proposed

By Caitlin Croft  The September meeting of the Village Board (VB) opened with good news. The Village received just shy of $95,000 from NYS Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Programs, NYS Energy and Research Development, and NYS Aid and Incentives to Municipalities. The Energy Grant was from efficiencies in the Waste Water Treatment Facility.  Next, Ron Mavity spoke about ... Read More »

Last Chance for Sky High


By Alicia Dziak Navigate 13 courses that include ziplines and challenging obstacles at the Aerial Park. Climb to the treetops in the Climbing Forest. Soar down the hill on the Mountain Coaster.  If you’re one of the thousands who lives for the adrenaline rush of Holiday Valley’s Sky High, better get your fix soon! The park is only open for ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Core Training


By Kim Duke NETA & AAFA Certified Trainer In the last decade, working the core has become all the rage.  But core consciousness is no mere fad. Awareness of the importance of a strong, stable core is the key to a stronger more injury-resistant self. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of maintaining a lean, tight core, there are important ... Read More »

Peak Leaf Season in the Enchanted Mountains

By Alicia Dziak This weekend marks the peak of the season as the leaves on the trees boats brilliant shades of gold, crimson, copper and more before they fall to the ground. Grab your camera and plan to take in some fresh air as you enjoy the sights and sounds that make autumn in Western New York so memorable. Don’t ... Read More »

Fall at Allegany State Park


By Alicia Dziak October is a perfect time of year to explore Allegany State Park (ASP), New York’s largest state park. With 65,000 sprawling acres to enjoy, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination for so many. The park’s “peak season” has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. The camp sites are still open ... Read More »

Welcome Enix Salon: Living Aveda


By Caitlin Croft It seems every time you turn around, there is a new business coming to this great Village of Ellicottville. Yet again, we find two more entrepreneurs who are eager to make their mark here with Enix Salon. Trina Phillippi and Hannah Clark are bringing a new wave to the beauty industry. “We like to think of ourselves ... Read More »

Celebrate Fall Baking and Decorating with Apples


By Mary Heyl Although apples are a delicious treat any time of the year, there’s something about fall that makes them taste even better, and it’s not just your imagination! September and October are prime apple picking months, and like all produce, apples taste best when they’re in season. With colder temperatures and the holiday season on the way, sweet ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Five Fitness Fixes


By Kim Duke NETA & AAFA Certified Trainer Are you spending hours working out every week, and not getting the results you want? Chances are you might have a bad habit or two when it comes to exercising. Never fear, there’s a quick fix for even the most ingrained workout no-no’s. Check out these five workout habits you should drop: ... Read More »

The Public House of Ellicottville Gets Sign Approval

By Caitlin Croft The October meeting of the Village Planning Board (VPB) opened their meeting with an addition to the agenda, a Hanging Sign Application for a new project at 24 Monroe Street. Next, the VPB made a motion to approve the minutes of the September meeting. There was a second and they were approved. In New Business, the Edge ... Read More »

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