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Stuck in the Mud at Holiday Valley

By Louisa Benatovich For Father’s Day weekend, over 1,000 mudders of all ages participated in the annual Holiday Valley Mudslide Obstacle Run, held June 15. A tradition for nearly 10 years, this season’s event drew individuals from all across Western New York and the surrounding states. Featuring a collection of brand-new participants and veteran competitors, this year’s muddy obstacle course ... Read More »

We Are Tired A Collective Sigh from the Class of 2019

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter We don’t know when it became too much, but it did. It’s unbearable now. Every bit of it. We are itching to say goodbye, aching for it to be over. Every morning is a battle between duty and desire. We have played the game, rolling the dice and moving our pawns accordingly. The black-and-white checkers ... Read More »

Ellicottville Students Venture Abroad A Weekend at the Rotary Club’s SLAPSHOT Leadership Camp

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter None of us knew what to expect when we exited the car. The air was colder than in Ellicottville, a consequence of being further north, but the surrounding trees and hills were reminiscent of home. Canterbury Hills, the campground in Ancaster, Ontario, was much smaller than we had expected. There were 10 cabins littered across ... Read More »

ECS begins year-end preparations

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter The May 7 Board of Education meeting got off to a slow and relaxed start in the Ellicottville High School library. With no special presentations, Superintendent Bob Miller was yielded the floor.  According to his report, testing for the Emergency Capital Project tiling is soon set to proceed. Still transitioning from the flooding that occurred ... Read More »

In Memoriam: Senior Year’s Obituary

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter The final year of high school, about 7 months old, slowly passed away the day spring break ended, the 29th of April. Yes, graduation, the true end, is still two months away, but a giant cloud of finality is growing darker and darker. Senior year, in all its excitement and lack of work, died the ... Read More »

2019 Alpine season comes to and end

By Caitlin Croft The final races of the Junior Alpine Ski season are always a Spring Series event held at HoliMont. Second-year U14 athletes are invited to race against the U21/19/16 athletes. The purpose of this is to allow the soon to be U16s a chance to score their first USSA points. The point system in ski racing determines your ... Read More »

Easter Examined: ECS students’ holiday traditions

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter Whether termed Holy Egg Day, Resurrection Day or the long-anticipated end of Lent, Easter is a moveable Christian holiday loved by all sorts of believers. Despite its religious affiliations, the date of the illusive feast is determined by something rather scientific. Easter, strangely, is celebrated on the first Sunday following the full Moon that occurs ... Read More »

The ECS Dime Carnival is more than a Dime a Dozen

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter There’s nothing like Ellicottville Central School’s Dime Carnival to welcome an Ellicottville spring. Hosted at the school April 12, hundreds attended this annual event that’s fun for the whole family.  This year, the carnival spread out over three spaces: the high school cafeteria, gym and the hallway between. Each room held a variety of games ... Read More »

Fun and games at the library with ECS students

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter Since its creation three years ago, the Ellicottville Young Writers’ and Illustrators’ Club has devoted itself to broadening the horizons of growing minds everywhere. Instead of a weekly club, EYWIC, as it is now known, appears every so often as a series of workshops. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ellicottville, this workshop series was ... Read More »

Pit Stains The joys and hurdles of playing in a pit orchestra

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter I have been playing the French horn since I was in fourth grade. Its mellow sound has been my life’s soundtrack. Through ups and downs, this beautiful piece of brass piping has served as a warm reminder of the good that exists amidst the chaos. My French horn and I, we have been on many ... Read More »

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