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The ECS Dime Carnival is more than a Dime a Dozen

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter There’s nothing like Ellicottville Central School’s Dime Carnival to welcome an Ellicottville spring. Hosted at the school April 12, hundreds attended this annual event that’s fun for the whole family.  This year, the carnival spread out over three spaces: the high school cafeteria, gym and the hallway between. Each room held a variety of games ... Read More »

Fun and games at the library with ECS students

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter Since its creation three years ago, the Ellicottville Young Writers’ and Illustrators’ Club has devoted itself to broadening the horizons of growing minds everywhere. Instead of a weekly club, EYWIC, as it is now known, appears every so often as a series of workshops. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ellicottville, this workshop series was ... Read More »

Pit Stains The joys and hurdles of playing in a pit orchestra

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter I have been playing the French horn since I was in fourth grade. Its mellow sound has been my life’s soundtrack. Through ups and downs, this beautiful piece of brass piping has served as a warm reminder of the good that exists amidst the chaos. My French horn and I, we have been on many ... Read More »

Ellicottville students spend a day under the big top

By Louisa BenatovichStudent Reporter With all the negativity and pure tragedy that has been on the news, it is easy to forget to appreciate the little things. On March 14, five students from Ellicottville’s 12-1-2 class experienced joy in its purest form.  “12-1-2” is a classroom setup that stands for 12 students, one teacher and two aides. For a classroom ... Read More »

ECS Drama Club to present ‘Cinderella’ next weekend

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter If you’re searching for a pick-me-up in the dull and dreary pre-spring weather, look no further than the Ellicottville Central School musical. This year, the ECS Drama Club is performing a Rogers and Hammerstein classic sure to color the overcast sky. Under the direction of Pat Waldron, ECS students are tackling the glorious challenge of ... Read More »

ECS Quiz Bowl team remains undefeated

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter It would be hard to call Ellicottville’s Quiz Bowl Team anything less than an institution. Coached for years by Ann Chamberlain, Quiz Bowl has remained a safe haven for fact-lovers and cafeteria-despisers alike. Held during lunch in her idyllic classroom, the Quiz Bowl team is a tradition that spans decades.  “It’s very chill and relaxing, ... Read More »

Ellicottville student saved by local officer

By Louisa Benatovich Student Reporter In this day and age, it’s very easy for all, especially the younger generation, to fall into the anti-cop rhetoric. Officers are so often demonized on the news that it’s easy to forget all the good that they do. For a teenager, law enforcement presents a specific set of terrors. These men and women in ... Read More »

The High School Circus: An ECS student’s perspective

By Louisa Benatovich, Student Reporter Success is often coined as one’s ability to juggle the multitude of strangeness that life presents. Some are far better than others, and these elite few soar through life as the ones who have it all.  This cacophony of responsibility is supposed to begin after high school, even after college. Life in high school is ... Read More »

The future is now at ECS

By Louisa Benatovich . Student Reporter Buzz… buzz… buzz…  Phones rang synchronously in the calculus classroom. We all looked. It was a message from Mr. Matt Finn, our class advisor.  “Tomorrow is not a dress-up day for Spirit Week,” the message read, “but we encourage ONLY seniors to participate in ‘Future Day.’ This means you may wear apparel from a college ... Read More »

Ellicottville Central considers bringing on School Resource Officer

By Louisa BenatovichStudent Reporter After a presentation on Feb. 5, the Ellicottville Central School District is pondering the addition of a school resource officer (SRO) to its staff. From the county’s SRO program, Lieutenant Brandon Walters presented to the Board of Education, outlining the benefits.  “An SRO is like a triangle,” says Walters, “He has three roles: police officer, counselor ... Read More »

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