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Health & Fitness Fitness Weekend Coming Oct. 23-24


  By Kim Duke, NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer & Owner, Core Performance Fitness and Training It’s just two weeks until the EVL Halloween Half Marathon and 5K draws runners to town for what may be the biggest fitness weekend of the season. It all starts on Friday, October 23 at Core Performance Fitness and Training, where we’ll be hosting an ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Childhood Obesity vs. Technology


  By Kim Duke, NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer In my last article, I gave up my age to point out that getting older is no reason to stop exercising. Instead, it is the main reason to continue to exercise. That said, because of my age I grew up quite differently than kids of today.  I, like most of my friends ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Exercising and Aging


  By Kim Duke, NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer So, this is a BIG year for me.  I am hitting a milestone age, the big 50. Yikes…! As much as I am proud of how I look and how I’ve aged, I can still see the effects of aging on my body. As you age, you lose muscle and bone mass ... Read More »

Health & Fitness- Fall: A Super Season for Shaping Up


  By Kim Duke, NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer How many New Year’s Eves have you spent sipping champagne and vowing to get more fit in the coming year? And how many times have you failed to follow through? “December 31 over a drink is too late to set goals and make promises,” says Justin Price, owner of The Biomechanics, a ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Take Charge of Your Health


  By Kim Duke, NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer Sometimes we’re so busy with our everyday lives, we forget to look after ourselves, especially when it comes to managing our health. Taking charge of your health is something you can do at any age, and can be as easy as starting your day off with a glass of water. In fact, ... Read More »

Health & Fitness Don’t Regret DOMS


By Kim Duke NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer We all know that daily exercise is invaluable to keeping our bodies strong and functional.  The old saying, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it,” turns out to be completely true.  You may not feel this way in your youth but as you age, the less you do physically will play ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: The Real-World Benefits of Strengthening Your Core


  By Kim Duke, NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer In this article, we address how to become a more functional and strong human, as opposed to providing another overrated endless rant on chiseled abs! Your core is a complex series of muscles, extending far beyond your abs, including everything besides your arms and legs. It is used in almost every movement ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat


By Kim Duke, NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer What a difference a few weeks can make in Western New York!  Literally just two articles ago, I was trying to convince readers to get outside despite the rain and cool temps.  Now, we are in the throes of a heat wave. Summer means time to take your routine outside.  But, what about ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Tricks for Keeping the Weight Off


  By Kim Duke NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer Here’s a question I hear a lot: Why is it so darn hard to lose weight and keep it off? There are a bunch of physiological and psychological reasons I found online and could list, but, to keep things simple, I believe it comes down to this: Eating healthy is not ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: The Hidden Benefits of Exercise


By Kim Duke NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer  We have just experienced the coldest February on record and now the wettest June?! For folks looking forward to getting outdoors to exercise, this month has been a bust!  Even I have had a hard time motivating myself on rainy weekends like this one that just passed.  However, we must motivate ourselves. ... Read More »

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