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Health & Fitness: Exercise of the Week – Squats


By Kim Duke, NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer If you’re looking for a powerful way to boost your overall fitness and get some serious results — fast — from your workout routine, look no further than performing squatting exercises. This is one exercise that should be a part of virtually everyone’s routine, as it’s relatively simple to perform, requires no equipment ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Fit is Not a Destination, It’s a Way of Life

By Kim Duke, NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer “Fit is Not a Destination. It’s a Way of Life.” We have all seen that quote before. And, if you are in any fitness industry, you better believe it. As a trainer, my job is to keep up with the ever-evolving fitness trends and tricks. And since I have been a part of ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Proper Breathing While Strength Training


By Kim Duke NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer Breathing effectively and efficiently during any physical activity will enable you to achieve maximal performance. It is just as important as maintaining correct form, using the correct weight and lifting tempo. It is a good idea to get the basics right at the beginning.  Ensure you use a weight, which is well within ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Strength Training for Skiers

By Kim Duke NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer Most of the avid skiers I know do a great job keeping their aerobic endurance strong by traditional methods such as running or biking. However, many of them tend to leave out the strength training, which is necessary to build muscle strength and endurance, and it is also a built-in injury preventer. Without strength ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Build an Automatic Training Program

By Kim Duke NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer I have had the good fortune of training many elite skiers as a personal trainer in Ellicottville, N.Y. As a personal trainer, I believe the best way to get in shape for ski season is to already be in shape. However, even I fluctuate with my training routine and find that I am ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Returning to Exercise after Injury

In my last article, I explained how exercise is an essential part of helping you to stay injury free. But, what if you are an experienced athlete or someone who exercises regularly to stay in shape and you find yourself with an injury that interrupts your routine at some point in your life? Your injury can be the loss of ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: 5 Exercises to Prevent Injuries

By Kim Duke NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer Exercise offers a wealth of benefits. When you exercise you are giving your body that much-needed ability to move and burn calories, increase muscle mass, rev up your metabolism and increase your sex drive. And whether you want to believe it or not, exercise actually energizes you. But, one of the greatest benefits ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Work Out with Consistency


By Kim Duke NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer Have you noticed how many exercise trends are pushing an intensity level that seems unattainable to your average human being? There is The Insanity Workout, P90X, Spartacus, The Metabolic Effect, HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) and most recently, CrossFit. All of these programs are designed to push you to your limits with both ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: How to Chisel a Lean and Fit Midsection


By Kim Duke, NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer In an attempt to shave off fat from the midsection, people usually do set after set of crunch-like motions, sometimes hundreds of reps over a 15-20 minute period. Then months and months pass and nothing happens. Abdominal muscles serve primarily to stabilize and bend the spine. These naturally weak and small stabilizer muscles are ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Roll Away Pain

By Kim Duke NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer If you are new to strength training, running, kayaking or anything that pushes your body to perform numerous unfamiliar repetitions, your body will respond with sore and achy muscles. One of the best ways I have found to relieve those sore muscles is through foam rolling. Foam rolling is an awesome stand-in for ... Read More »

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