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Remembering the Sacrifices of World War II

Today’s Challenges Influenced by Sacrifices of Past By Mary Fox “It is important to remember sacrifices of the past. Challenges of the past often determine how the challenges of today are met,” said Paul Carmichael at his annual Dec. 7, WWII remembrance gathering of members of the military past and present and their families While the focus is on WWII, ... Read More »

GV Town Board Addresses Required Sewer/Water Hookup

State Audit in Error, Dispute to be Filed By Mary Fox The Great Valley Town Board met on Dec. 8, 2014, at 7 p.m. The meeting was dedicated to the memory of Terry Meacham, a long-time Killbuck resident who passed last month. A public hearing is scheduled for 7 p.m. prior to the Jan. 12, 2015, town board meeting to ... Read More »

Project Christmas Nurtures School-Community Connection

Program Provides Food and Gifts for More than 50 Families By Mary Fox Project Christmas has been providing an “extra touch” at Christmastime for many families of the Ellicottville Central School District since 1967, when it began as a project of the Future Nurses Club headed up by school nurse Betty Westfall. “The “partnership” between the school and community provides ... Read More »

Nothing Has Changed

Calvin Mercer Celebrates 90 By Mary Fox When asked how he felt about being 90, Calvin Mercer hesitated and said, “You caught me off guard. Actually nothing has changed.” Cal’s 90 years don’t show and he is as active and involved as ever. In the “nothing has changed” category, Cal’s preparations are almost complete for his skiers to return to ... Read More »

Eat, Drink and Love Katy

Katy’s South to Open February in Great Valley By Mary Fox Since Katy Arena opened Katy’s Café on Main Street in Ellicottville in March 2012, she has literally breathed new life into a 125-year-old building with her winning smile, upbeat demeanor, laid back joie di vivre, to say nothing about her beyond delicious food. “I love Ellicottville and the people ... Read More »

Ellicottville Native Maggie Fitzpatrick Kohler Reflects on Her Time in the Army

  By Mary Fox “You will get out of the Army what you put into the Army,” said Army Captain Maggie Fitzpatrick Kohler, a young woman who has always put her all into her life experiences. Maggie was born in Ellicottville and attended Ellicottville Central School. She went on to graduate from D’Youville College with an RN degree in Nursing ... Read More »

“Katy’s” Coming to Great Valley

By Mary Fox At its meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 12, the Great Valley Planning Board held a public hearing on Robert E. Smith’s permit application to establish a dog breeding kennel at 4224 Killbuck Road in Great Valley. Smith, an AKC breeder of Alaskan Malamutes, also owns Beauflue’s kennel at his residence in Cheektowaga. With no objections from the public, ... Read More »

Long-Time Volunteer Shares GV Fire Company History

by Mary Fox The speaker for the evening at the Ellicottville Historical Society meeting on Oct. 8, 2014, was Mark Ward, currently superintendent of Ellicottville Central School. Ward shared his knowledge and experience as he spoke about the history of the Great Valley Volunteer Fire Company. Mark’s father, Joe Ward, was a charter member of the Great Valley Volunteer Fire ... Read More »

GV Board to Hold Informational Public Hearing to Study Proposed School Tax Rebate Program

By Mary Fox Prior to the start of the 7 p.m. Great Valley Town Board meeting on Monday, Sept. 8, a public hearing was held regarding the sale of the Killbuck Post Office building to the Killbuck Fire Department. Murray , representing the Killbuck Fire Department, reported that the fire company wants to buy the building from the Town of ... Read More »

Future of Kill Buck Post Office in Limbo

Petition to Reduce Speed on Rte. 417/Rte. 219 Detour By Mary Fox The monthly meeting of the Great Valley Town Board was held Monday, Aug. 11 at the Great Valley Town Hall. A public hearing at 7 p.m. preceded the regular meeting to address whether or not the property where the Kill Buck post office now stands should be kept ... Read More »

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