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Fact or Fiction Answers to Weight Training Questions

By Kimberly Duke,  Core Performance Fitness As a personal trainer, it is my job to insure that I provide safe and effective workouts for every client who trains under me.  Fitness levels will vary, but the facts will remain the same.  Let’s look at a couple Facts vs. Fiction Weight training questions to understand what I mean.   You should ... Read More »

Ellicottville Fitness

Signs You Do Not Drink Enough Water By Kim Logel Water is a compound that is essential for life. Water hydrates your body and makes sure that your daily physical processes run smoothly. It is recommended that you drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water a day. This can be a difficult goal to reach. Your body will give ... Read More »

Ellicottville Times Past

The Churches of Ellicottville By Mary Fox The Ellicottville Historical Society met Tuesday, July10 at the Ellicottville Memorial Library. The presentation for the evening was on the churches of Ellicottville and Old Home Week.  Old Home Week will be covered in a future article. The first settlers came to Cattaraugus County predominately from the New England States.  They left behind ... Read More »

Embrace the Challenge

By Kimberly Duke,  Core Performance Fitness Summertime!  A glorious time of year~ a season filled with vacations, weddings, barbeques and other warm weather activities that make it easy to forget about our healthy habits.  This time of year can be filled with opportunities to over eat and over drink and over expose ourselves to the sun. The best way to ... Read More »

Embrace the Challenge

You’ve had it! You’re tired of feeling like crud every day and you are determined to get into shape – mentally and physically. Chances are something has happened in your life that has put you into this state of readiness. Maybe you just got back from a shopping excursion that ended empty handed because nothing fit, or the doctor lectured ... Read More »

41 ECS Seniors Receive Diplomas

Day Began with Baccalaureate Breakfast By Mary Fox Forty-one seniors from Ellicottville Central School class of 2012 received high school diplomas on June 21. The graduates received their due of congratulations and words of wisdom during a baccalaureate breakfast as well as the graduation ceremony that evening. These graduates have all attended Ellicottville Central School since at least ninth grade ... Read More »

Strength Training

  Who says you need to lift weights to stay young and vibrant? What’s so special about muscle mass anyway? What’s wrong with growing old gracefully! You decide … as we age, we lose muscle mass and the percentage of loss increases with each decade that passes. By the age of 60, the average person will have forfeited one-third of ... Read More »

Way Back When: Olean Point

By Mary Fox In 1804, Major Adam Hoops, believing that a great city could be created at the confluence of the Allegany River and Olean Creek, purchased 20,000 acres from the Holland Land Company. Olean Point became the place of embarkation for thousands of settlers seeking a water route to the Ohio Territory and beyond. Moving west from New England, ... Read More »

Way Back When: The History of Memorial Day

By Mary Fox   In 1866, the chief organization of Civil War veteran’s, The Grand Army of the Republic, (GAR) was founded, but people wanted to put painful memories aside and concentrate on restoring their old lives. A 10-year period of “hibernation” resulted.   Around 1880, a “revival” of interest in the war began. During the revival, the Regimental Histories ... Read More »

Way Back When: How the Litchfields Came to Ellicottville

  by Mary Fox The Ellicottville Historical Society Speaker on May 8 was Pam Litchfield who, along with her sister, Carolyn, is the historian of the Litchfield family. Beals Litchfield was seven years old when in 1830 his parents came to Ellicottville from Massachusetts. He was the youngest of 11 children. Nearing Ellicottville after a difficult two-week journey, the family ... Read More »

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