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Solo Festival: The ECS Student Survival Guide

By Louisa Benatovich,  Student Reporter “It’s time to freak out, it’s time to panic!” Crystal Wilder urgently addresses her high school band.  Her tone is jovial, but her words are weighty. She gestures to the whiteboard. A two-digit number is written in faded Expo marker. The countdown has begun, less than three weeks until Armageddon is upon us. Jan. 26: ... Read More »

ECS students make their New Year’s resolutions

By Louisa Benatovich, Student Reporter The New Year is always a big time for students. “This year, I’ll do my homework,” they say. “This year, I won’t fail a class.” “This year, I swear, I’ll actually try.” These self-promises come in all forms, some a small whisper in the night and others a consolidated effort, written on paper and push-pinned ... Read More »

Reflections on Christmas by an ECS student

By Louisa Benatovich, Student Reporter I know what Christmas is supposed to be like: a real evergreen tree, lots of gifts and loud family camping out in all corners of a suburban two-story house. It’s shouted at us in all the movies: Christmas is supposed to be a joyous distraction from life’s faults and difficulty. And it is…most of time. ... Read More »

My First Black Friday An Ellicottville Student’s Trek through a Capitalist Wasteland

By Louisa Benatovich, Student Reporter After two months of pure scholastic stress and turmoil, the Thanksgiving break arrived like an angel from the heavens. I all-too-willingly succumbed to the holiday’s tantalizing call, sentencing myself to days of procrastination and idleness. Though I had an exam to study for and a mountain of applications to complete, I dedicated myself to something ... Read More »

Ellicottville Engineering Department makes large strides

By Caitlin Croft The town of Ellicottville’s engineering department has been busy this past month, undergoing a review of the current Town and Village permit applications, forms and rate structure. The current rates and forms hadn’t been updated in years. To streamline the application process and increase efficiency, the department has consolidated the existing forms so they are identical for ... Read More »

Enjoy Peak Leaf Season

By Alicia Dziak This weekend marks the peak of the season as the leaves on the trees boats brilliant shades of gold, crimson, copper and more before they fall to the ground. Grab your camera and plan to take in some fresh air as you enjoy the sights and sounds that make autumn in Western New York so memorable. Don’t ... Read More »

Ellicottville Fall Fest

By Alicia Dziak It’s here! Ellicottville’s Fall Festival takes over this weekend and you won’t want to miss the fun in the village and on the slopes.  This weekend, Oct. 6-7, EVL’s biggest and oldest festival of the year is back, complete with music, races, rides, food, arts and crafts and endless fall fun. Started in 1975 as a way ... Read More »


By Alicia Dziak HoliMont will soon be ready to welcome members and guests for the upcoming ski season. In the meantime, fall is full of ways to enjoy Ellicottville’s private ski resort. Perhaps the biggest change HoliMont has seen in the off-season is a new General Manager. Ed Youmans took over the position in June, replacing Dave Riley, who retired ... Read More »

‘Learn to Love Winter’ at Holiday Valley

By Alicia Dziak While it’s only October, we know that it won’t be long before the snow flies and the lifts start turning. With the opening of the ski resorts comes the start of lesson season, a time when hundreds of skiers and snowboarders—young and old alike—take to the slopes under the watchful eyes of their instructors. And at the ... Read More »

The Best Local Haunts

By Alicia Dziak It’s that time of year again, when scary fun tops the list of how to spend your free time. If getting spooked is high on your priority list this October, don’t miss out on the thrills and chills of the region’s best haunted activities. Nightmare Hayrides on Sommerville Street Looking for a truly scary adventure? Check out ... Read More »

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