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Ellicottville Boot and Shoe Open for Business in EVL

Ellicottville Boot and Shoe Open for Business in EVL By Jennie Acklin Shoppers who have been inside Adventure Bound in Ellicottville can find most any type of product for a variety of outdoor experiences. Owners John and Christy Rounds opened Adventure Bound at 16 Washington Street in Ellicottville in October 2015, after an extensive renovation of the building. Fishing, including ... Read More »

Outdoor Adventure: Wild Bison Hunt Wood- Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada

Wild Bison Hunt Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada By Indrek Kongats Free ranging and wild wood bison are one of North America’s most unique and impressive trophies and the largest land mammal on the continent. They are heavier than Alaska’s famous Kodiak Bear and averaging 500 pounds heavier than Africa’s infamous Cape Buffalo, one of the dangerous five game ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: The Three Must-Dos of Strength Training

By Kim Duke, NETA & AAFA Certified Trainer All too often, people will choose a cardio workout over strength training, when in reality, strength training workouts, if done properly, will be more beneficial to your body’s muscles, bones, metabolism and energy levels.  Often times, this is because taking a walk or going on a hike does not take much prep or ... Read More »

ASP’s Park Restaurant Open Year-Round

By Alicia Dziak If you’re one of the many die hard Allegany State Park visitors, this winter will bring you a pleasant surprise—the Park Restaurant, located on the second floor of the Red House Administration Building, will be open through the snowy months. “With coming off a very good season along the newly built outdoor patio, I decided to try ... Read More »

M&T Bank Plans Feb. 2017 Relocation

By Jennie Acklin Christina Smith, branch manager of the Ellicottville M&T Bank, confirmed the corporate plans to relocate from their current location at 3 Washington Street to 47 Washington Street,  the former Kwik Fill location at the corner of Mill Street. Due to the close proximity of the current Ellicottville branch to the new location, Friday, Feb. 10, 2017 will ... Read More »

Local Hoops Scene: Eagles Hold Off Cardinals

By Indrek Kongats Both JV and Varsity Boys’ basketball teams played their home and season openers last Tuesday night against Randolph High School. The JV team fell short in their efforts, losing by 12 points to the Cardinals 33-45. As the gym started filling up to capacity for the second game of the night, the highly- anticipated match up of ... Read More »

Outdoor Adventure: Oh Deer! What to Do With You?

By Indrek Kongats Regular season deer hunting will be over next weekend. So what will you do after the season ends? And what will you do with your deer, (hopefully you got one!)? Well, here is an idea. Besides the venison, which we all savor, the deer’s hide is also of value, especially to a fisherman. For the fly fisherman, ... Read More »

Health & Fitness: Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

By Kim Duke, NETA & AAFA Certified Trainer Well, it’s that time again – the holidays!  Time to eat, drink and be merry.  I am certainly not going to preach to my readers about what to eat or how much to drink.  But, what I will do is share some tips I have been trying to follow to avoid the inevitable ... Read More »

Ellicottville Seeks Grant to Digitize Cemetery Records

By Christopher Gordon In an attempt to make finding someone who is deceased easier, the Ellicottville Town Board is seeking to obtain a grant which would digitize records and make finding the person in question one click away. “It will be searchable and can be put on the website,” Ellicottville Town Clerk Robyn George said during the Town Board meeting ... Read More »

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